Need a new .223 what options should I consider?


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Dec 28, 2011
I've been looking to build or buy a general purpose bolt action .223 for a while. I prefer a 20" barrel. I have an X-Bolt, but don't like the stock and can't find a replacement. My current thoughts are the Ridgeline Scout...I have a .308 Ridgeline that fits and shoots well. Also thought about building something off a Howa Mini Action, this is equal to the Scout at the moment and much cheaper. I have considered the same with a Tikka, but don't like the long action for a .223. Looks like Bergara will be shipping a Ridge SP in .223 soon, which would be a good option. Anything else I should look at?

I'll add that I don't really care about the carbon's definitely not a must. I would actually prefer a bit of weight in the barrel, but the Ridgeline stock fit really well, which is why I was considering the Scout.
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