NC/SC LR shooters need a place to shoot/hunt..?

Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
.. Hey guys.. We have about 15 memberships we wanna fill here in the next few weeks.. This place is full of cut-overs and there's plenty of places to set up for some LR (1 mile+) shooting/hunting.. Email me if you're interested.. JiNC

[email protected]

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Hello Jake

The area sounds great and we have the same shooting or further up here in North Central PA.

Hope to make it down there one of these days and do some shooting with you.

Nice talking with you and glad you like the Bigeyes.

Take care and good shooting.
..Consider yourself the holder of an open invitation..! Hehehe.. But ya gotta bring yer buddy S1, and Mr Heaton, so's we can settle this horse-hockey from another thread..
I'll host it..
.. I'm still ISO a cannon to play with down there.. Something simple and "middle-of-the-road" is being hard to find right now.. JiNC

That would be fun and your close to the Hawksridge IBS 1000 yard matces there in NC.
S1 could go and break a 5 "AND" 10 shot World Record then we could come back to your place for some open shooting.
Of course I would want a spotter shot at the extended ranges. I'm not a sniper you know.

That would be nice

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