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  • Hello.
    No...I did not own a chronograph at the time so I never knew what kind of velocity I was getting from it. Enough to blow big exit holes in a yote at 200+ yards. I used 75gr hollow points for my hunting ammo.
    It was very handy. That was the whole reason for my chopping it down. As with any rifle with a muzzle brake...the muzzle blast was "present". Not really a big deal to me. I hunt with electronic muffs anyways.

    Take care,Stan
    I was just looking at the .243 you had cut down. I was wondering if you had ever shot this over a chronograph before and after chopping it? I was thinking about getting another AR, but in a .243 WSSM with a 18" barrel. I was just wondering about muzzle flash, muzzle blast, and velocity drop. I currently hunt with a few different AR's with 16" barrels and I love how they handle. I have both .223's and a .308 and would like something in the middle.
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