N570 is giving me fits in a measure.


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Dec 4, 2004
When I load for my LR rifles, I throw a charge in my measure and then trickle using an A&D. Works great...except with N570. Those corn-cob sized kernals are constantly hanging up in my measure. Anyone else suffer from this? Any solutions? Anyone know of an empty case that holds 90 grains of N570? That is my next idea.
I'm to the point that I set charges to .2 below intended and load 1 kernal at a time by hand with rubber gloves until I have the required weight.
That is what I typically do but the problem with N570 is it clogs in the drop tube in my measure. I don't recall having the problem in Phoenix; both measures are Redding.
I toss loads with big powder kernels like v570 using a Lee scoop directly into my e-scale's pan, then double check on the beam/balance scale... I don't play with a measure unless I probably am not cutting kernels or I'm using my pistol scale with a mic. on it. It's a lot faster to just use a scoop for me.
I only use my powder hopper for handgun loads. Hate having to shear those long extruded powders in the hopper. Always had to throw underweight charges. In the beginning used a RCBS powder trickler which was slow and sometimes over charged.

I prefer to use a scoop to sprinkle powder in the scale's pan then use my (very clean and dry) fingers to trickle in powder. I have been doing this for decades. I have found this the most efficient way to load my rifles.
I use an old rcbs hand thrower for the initial bulk drop then the trickler from my v3 to finish. Works excellent. I think n570 was the reason they made the v4 but the v3 is a better setup from what I hear