My wife and I had a blast and she shot long range for the 1st time

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    Aug 24, 2009
    The weather was super nice here today so we loaded up the truck with a bunch of guns and went out to shoot. We pulled out on the point of a hill looking back to a big hill with some good rocks to blast. We started out plinking with 22s and soon heard a few gophers squeaking out in the distance. So our attention quickly focused on them. We walked down the hill and closer to where they were. Not many out right now but we shot 6 or 8 and had fun "stalking" them. My wife, Dusti, was a deadeye today and she killed most of them. Although it was an accident, she did kill one about 100 yards out by skipping a bullet off the ground about 5 feet in front of the gopher. Was pretty cool to watch him standing up proud and a puff of dust 5 feet in front and then he fell right over!
    Here is Dust with her first gopher in 2 years!

    We didnt have much time to shoot before we had to head back for a birthday party so we didnt spend much time with the gophers. So we walked back up to the truck and she shot our little S&W 442 38 Spl. She wasnt real fond of it but did mention that she wouldnt be affraid to use it if she really had to. Then we switched gears and shot my 338 Edge at a rock about 4' tall that I ranged at 785 yards. Being the newbies that we are, it was good target to shoot at. I dialed 17MOA in the Nightforce and chambered a round. I only shot 5 shots but connected every shot. Then I talked Dusti into trying it. She dry fired the rifle a few times to get aquainted with the 8oz Jewell and then chambered a round. She shot 3 shots and connected with all 3! Not bad for someone who has never shot at a target over 200 yards away! I had a decent group (for a green long ranger) going with all my shots hitting within about 8-10 inches of each other in the middle of the rock. The shot at the top of the rock was Dusti's first shot. Her other two hit in the same area as mine. Here are a couple pictures.
    All the pieces that busted off the big sand stone rock

    Here are a couple videos of me shooting. If you watch closely on the far hillside, you can see a small white puff of dust off the rock
    Killing Rocks with a 338 Edge - YouTube

    We had a blast shooting together and Im blessed to have a wife that loves to burn some powder as much as I do!

    Edit: if someone can tell me how to embed videos that would be awesome.
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    way to go. that is the type of confidence builder eveybody should have.
    ill never forget what a then old timer told me many years ago.
    and he was smiling when he said it in responce to my dumb questions.

    (listen you dumb m f er if this was hard most of us couldnt do it.)

    i never forgot that and neither should you or anybody else.