My new Sako 995 7mm Rem Mag with 32" Benchmark Barrel


Oct 28, 2012
Well I was able to get out this past Friday and try out my new Sako 995 with an Abrams Tank 32" Benchmark Barrel.


First the negative,
  • My scope rings are less than idea, so Mark at Chesebro Rifles is going to be ordering me a new set. Ones with the Sako locking tab on them. The ones he had on had were just temporary.
  • Next the recoil obviously on a gun like that jumps you off target big time, so back into the shop for a muzzle break.
  • All I had was factory Remington ammo, still waiting on my 7mm RM dies and 180gr Berger bullets

The Good stuff gun)
  • Having the guy who built the rifle help spot and sight you in was awesome, Mark definitely helped the process and explained everything to me.
  • Even though I was only able to shoot out to 300yrds (hardly long range) I was able to get my gun doing some decent groups and at least got a feel for the gun.
  • I was able to see what the gun needed and even though I only picked it up that morning I gave it back to him to tinker with a little more. We were able to see how the gun jumped and will install a muzzle break accordingly.

I am beside myself with the new gun and I can not wait to finally get it back again and put some real ammo in it and shoot some real distances. But that is in a week or two.

Here is a pic of mark shooting his BSA .22 K Hornet at 300yrds


Shoot Straight and long,

Tony aka The Bearded Boar
Beardedboar ,

Just wanted to hear your take on your Benchmark bbl,

I just bought one in .375 and it will be screwed to a Sako m995 as well .

also what are you using for bases/rings on your Sako ?

I have the original Optilock rings in 1" and 30mm but really want something better
like a 20 or 30 moa picatinny rail type of base, any idea on who makes those ?
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