My model 92 winchester mountian lion

Bud Martin

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Apr 6, 2009
I wanted to share a couple pics with you guys that are interested in lion hunting. I have had a few days off and wanted to shoot a lion with a old rifle I inherited last fall after my grandmother died.It is a 1908 model 92 winchester 25-20. the gun was my great grandfathers and when I got it there were 2 boxes of shells with it that were about as old as the rifle itself. I had to take the ladder sight off the rifle because it was bent so I used a box of shells getting it to shoot and decided to try to get a lion with it this winter. we found this track about noon today, the dogs did a good job and got the lion treed in short order. I made a easy 30 foot shot and this is the result. the first pic is of the burb stuck ( it seemed like a good idea at the time ) second is of the lion, dogs model 92 and me.
Very cool.

My dad has an old Savage bolt action 25-20, that I have been know to use for small game....does wonders on tree rats and rabbits.
Big fan of the lever guns; thanks for the great pic's & story.... looks like a nice cat congrad's
Of all my guns I have the biggest soft spot for my great-grandfathers Mod 92 in 25-20.

More than a few deer and one cow elk have fallen to it.

I once spent a month pulling my hair out trying to kill a smart battle-hardened ferrel tomcat that was causing me fits. I finally caght him making a run from the machine shed to the barn. That 25-20 rolled him on a dead run. Funnest thing I've ever done with my pants on.

Great gun, cool story. Congratulations.
There is something about lion hunting and getting vehicles in questionable places. When I was running a lot I had a couple routes that my buddies would got out and walk in place calling me all kinds of names for going there. But you can't tree cats without finding cat tracks :D
I tryed killing one with a old pistol cause I thought it would be cool and all went to hell and I ended up pistol whipping the lion in the mellon cause if I shot it would hit my hound in it's mouth. It's kinda fun to change it up, going to try a bow this year maybe, also did the black powder thing on them too.
Glad you guys like the pics, I killed my first deer when I was 12 with that model 92, that was 37 years ago. when I got it for good I decided if I could kill a lion with it I would hang it on the wall in camp ( rifle and lion ) and that's where it will stay. and by the way the suburban came out without any help.
Congrats on the lion hunt. That is one classic rifle, take good care of it.
You must be skilled to drive the suburban out of there with no help.
Enjoyed the pictures, thanks for posting.
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