Mountain Lion shot in City limits


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Apr 5, 2008
Central ND
Now here in ND we just started with a mountain lion season less than five years ago. I have been living five miles north of town. I had not seen it for myself, but people I trust kept on saying and reporting mt. lion sightings for a couple of years now. The Game and fish told them it was a coyote or just moving through. I guess they were wrong.

Mountain lion shot in Bismarck

I guess we now know where all the missing pets went. Not to mention the abundant deer population. Amazing how well the predators can adapt to it's surroundings and what they will tolerate(human presence) for an abundant supply of food. Our area isn't exactly the typical area for a mt. lion to be found in.

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The only picture I saw was the one on the link. I heard or read it was a 6ft male lion weighing about 100lbs. This isn't a common thing here in ND so it made the paper and the news for a couple of days.

Often cougars are seen in various parts of CA. In recent years, more and more residential have outdoor security camera for security purposes. Now there are more solid evidence of cougars walking down the neighborhoods. CA banned lion hunting since the 70s, the population is really strong for now.

NV cougar season is open year round with two tags per person. They only have three major cities(elko, reno, and Las vegas). Out in Reno, an elementary school on the edge of the city limit is often delayed every year due to cougar walking along the edge of the fence. Happily no one been attacked yet(19 years and counting).
Houndsmen in Cali and Washington now kill more lions under damage control than they were when hunting was legal. Go figure :D
If it was a 100lbs tom his momma is around and maybe a sister, he would have just been kicked of his mom or just about to get the boot. We call them pup trainers!!
Houndsmen in Cali and Washington now kill more lions under damage control than they were when hunting was legal. Go figure...QUOTE]


Anyways I remembered that about 10-15 years ago, a cougar/cubs were shot (within reno, nv city limits or right next to it) when it was sneaking up on kids at a home. It was assumed that the female cougar was training the cubs to hunt. The father that shot them all was put in jail. Don't know the whole story.

How does that figure?
Some friends of the family live in Dickinson (sp?) and said it was about 200-300 yards from their back door... might be another cat, but they sent the scanned copy of the paper with the story.

Didn't click the link because I'm at work.
We can't hunt cougars with hounds in Oregon since the greenies were able ban hound hunting for bears & Mt. Lions about 10 or 12 years ago. Their population has exploded and have decimated our deer and are working on the elk now. .280fan must not have many or any cougars in his area. Nobody in my neck of the woods would think it's a shame to kill one, let alone inside city limits.
We started getting cat's here along the Iowa -South Dakota border some ten years ago.

They like to follow river and stream drainages in search of a home range after being booted out

by mature adult's, so I've been told anyway. SD GFP collared one in the Black Hills, it was later

killed by a train in Oklahoma. Quite a hike.
The part of the story that concerned me the most was that they got within 15yds. to shoot it with a shotgun. Why would the cat let them get that close?
People are spun up around here about it. I reply why? People in Bismarck drive like complete idiots. I would be more worried about being run down by a car than taken by a lion.

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