My custom Rem 700 (pictrues) I hope...


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Dec 4, 2001
Canyon Ferry, MT
Trying this again,

Rem 700 long action, Left-Hand
McMillan A2
Badger Ord Floorplate, Recoil Lug, Base, Rings, Bolt Knob
Leupold 6.5-20x50 LR w/luminous USMC mildot ret and M1 turrets
Douglas #7 SS 1-10 twist 26" barrel
Titanium devcon bedded by the Chandlers.

This is the rifle that shoots my notorious load of 63gr RL-22 under 190gr SierraMK. 2903 fps and sub moa accuracy. Generally sub .5 moa when I do my part.





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Great looking rig. Who was the "smith"? How does the stock work for you, any regrets or wishes (seriously considering that stock on my project).... What is the farthest it has been tested to?

Caliber is 30-06. Iron Brigade Armory put it together for me.

I put my load up in Norma brass. New brass wil only hold about 61gr to the base of the neck. Fireformed will hold 63 gr, just slightly up the neck.

No pressure signs with my load. Quickload indicates 2907 fps at 54K CUP. So that puts pressure equal to SAAMI standard for 300WinMag.


I really like the stock, no regrets on that.

I have to be honest and tell you I have only shot it to 200 meters. .5 moa is normal with calm wind. I'll be retiring to Montana in a few short years and really get the goods out of it.


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