Muzzlebrake change affect results in load workup?


Dec 6, 2014
Fayetteville, Georgia

Hi All,

Will changing the muzzlebrake affect performance for load workup? I'm wondering if I should delay load workup until my new muzzlebrake arrives and I can install it on the rifle?

I am not happy with the performance of the muzzlebrake that came on my Savage 111LRH in 300WM that I'm working up loads for hopefully to use for my long range hunting rifle. I am not able to keep on target to observe the impacts of the rounds fired, the recoil with the present factory muzzlebrake is significant, and I have ordered a JP Enterprises Recoil Eliminator (Howitzer style)to give a try.

I have put about 90 rounds thru the rifle for break in and have seen some decent results with some lighter bullets, 168, 180, and 190's, that I had around for another project. I am getting ready to try three different bullets that seem suitable: 208gr AMAX, 210 Nosler Accubond LR, and 215gr Berger Hybrids. I'm hoping for some good results but I figure if the rifle doesn't perform to my satisfaction as is, I have a good platform to modify with a new barrel if needed.


I would think if its a different length, diameter or weight it would throw the tune off a gun. Look at tuners and they just screw them an 1/8 of a turn and it completely changes group. I have also seen guys shim a muzzle brake to tune a barrel. now this was at 1000 yards are for competition. That is just from things I saw. Matt
I would definitely wait,
the extra weight of the brake will change barrel harmonics.

Ditto ...............
Whether your new brake is heavier or lighter it will affect the barrel harmonics. It may not be significant but, in any case, I'd recommend waiting to work up a new load until you've got your rifle equiped the way you intend to use it. Why take the time, effort and supplies necessary to work up a new load when a chance exists, no matter how small, that you'll need to do it all over again. gun) - - - - - - - - - - -
When I said it shouldn't affect work up, I didn't mean it would have no impact whatsoever. Any change on a barrel will have SOME affect. The point I was making is that the load you work up that shoots well, will very likely STILL be good, even though you may have to fine tune it a little. A good example is when I shoot groups with my magneto speed, the good loads group well and the not so good, group not so well but the POI ALWAYS changes a little with either. Maybe I like to shoot too much to wait:D, but I personally would not be afraid to get started............Rich
I would wait until you have the new muzzle brake installed before working up new loads. Changing the barrel harmonics can play havoc with how well the rifle will shoot a given load. For example: If you've ever worked up a load for a browning or Winchester equipped with the BOSS adjustable muzzle break and start adjusting the settings of the BOSS it can completely change the way the load shoots.
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