muzzle breaks

Theres no free lunch
Efficient muzzle brakes direct the blast backwards to reduce recoil and the sound goes with the blast.
You dont want the blast directed backwards you sacrifice some efficiency.

Suppressors are a good comprimise but ive yet to use one that reduces recoil as efficiently as a, well designed, open air brake.

Electronic earmuffs are another solution to the noise issue.
Here's a Assassin.


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They are amazing. I have them on all my rifles. I think Jerry wants 210 for a tuned assassin. Not sure how much for a untuned brake. These are certainly worth the money.
I use a jp eliminator. It will not be quiet or easy on a spotter but eliminates jump and recoil. To me, it's worth it o carry ear muffs. I got used to the muffs.
Now what does tuning do ? If I get a tuned one what happens if I want to change loads?

Tuning the Assassin Optimizes recoil reduction of that cartridge. If you change loads It will change the total recoil reduction, but only a very little (+ or - 1 or 2 ft lbs based on bullet weight and powder charge) but it adds from 10 to 20% over a non tuned brake.

The highest recoil reduction we found in testing every type and brand of brake was an honest
54% the lowest was 37%. the Assassin is not a generic muzzle brake (One brake fits all) It is a Custom brake built and tuned for your particular cartridge, powder and bullet combination to
get the most recoil reduction from your particular cartridge.

An example of the difference is present in these Videos.

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