Muti-purpose scope selection

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    Apr 30, 2013
    I am still trying to pull the trigger on a new scope and have it narrowed down to a SWFA SS 3x9 or 3x15, or Vortex 2.5-10 or 4x16 as they seem to be the two leading candidates for reasonably quality optics in my budget range of $550-$750. I've been doing my homework so as to try and get my 1st long range scope purchase right the 1st time around, but after reading many of the various threads on FFP vs. SFP and also trying to factor in the various specs available in the two brands I've got information overload.
    Expected use will vary from shots in the timber on whitetail & elk @ 50-100 yards here in north ID to 600+ yards or more in Hells Canyon type country for both elk & muleys. I like the idea of purchasing a FFP scope for range estimating purposes when conditions might render a rangefinder unuseable, but wonder if these finer reticles on low power possibly become more problematic in low light close quarter conditions. Overall weight and length are also a factor (I'd prefer smaller & lighter if possible). An objective lens <50mm is preferable, but not a deal killer.
    In a previous thread comment lhouston78 recommended the Vortex HS LR 4x16-44 which with its SFP BDC reticle would appear to be a good compromise for my hunting conditions, albeit I would be giving up the range estimating reticle capabilities and stepping down to less fine elevation adjustments (the HS LR has 1/2" MOA adjustments). I realize I can't have it all and will have to eventually settle on qualitites that provide the best compromise.
    Any thoughts &/or recommendations?