Movin' on out there...


Mar 6, 2003
Western Pennsylvania
Movin\' on out there...

Finally got the chance to do some seroius chuck hunting today! I killed five chucks, at the following ranges:

#1, 70 yards, .22 mag, Center mass.

#2 203 yards, .223 Rem., Center mass first hit, head second hit. (He was twitching a bit, and I wanted to see if I could do it again.)

#3 50 yards, .223, Head.

#4 115 yards, .223, center mass.

#5 90 yards, .22 mag, center mass.

Also shot a pigeon at 210 yards in a still crosswind, looked like an m-80 going off inside a down pillow. Love those v-maxes! Saw a few more hogs, but I let them go for when Lee comes down to play later in the summer. 500 yard club here I come! I can't WAIT!

It was a good day, I am becoming more confident in my shooting and reloading abilities.

Re: Movin\' on out there...


Nice going!

I have no doubts that you will get into the 500 yard club on a ground hog... especially after you were whackin' those PD's with ease....
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