Anyone out there from Wyoming?


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Jun 20, 2001
I will be in Jackson Hole from August 10th through the 21st. I have to deal with alot of antihunters, "bunny huggers", while I am there but I was hoping to get away and shoot some small pests. If anyone could steer me towards a place or two for rochchucks or prairie dogs within a couple of hours of Jackson I would be greatly in your debt. I don't mind a little walking or a small trespassers fee.
Vince Foster
I'm not from Wyoming, but I just spent last week driving around the State camping and hiking. First off this is a hot year for bears in Wyoming. They're seeing record numbers in all areas; they even had one in downtown Dubois one evening. Your best bet would be to drive southeast from Jackson Hole, that'll put you in the desert in an hour or two. As to exactly where to hunt, they have these map booklets that are the size of one of those Rand McNalley atlases of the States (these book's are difficult to find, you're gonna have to look around - but downtown Jackson would be a good place to start). These book's have very concice maps of each county which also contain color coordinated ownership of the land on them. Purple for BLM, white for private, ect....
No need to obtain a license if you're just hunting coyotes or prarie dogs - just can't hunt in the National Parks. Good luck. Let me know if you have any more questions.
I fly to Alaska for Dall sheep hunting today but next month my wife and I will be in Wyoming. We'll be snapping photos of elk and other game in Yellowstone and tripping down to Jackson for some scenic stuff. I have been to both places many times but not for some years now and I have missed it.
When and where are you going? My wife and I will be in and around Cody and the park from August 23 until around Sept 3. My parents live on the Yellowstone Highway about halfway between Cody and the East gate. If we are there at the same time maybe we could get together and have dinner. The Irma in Cody has great prime rib. Let me know your schedule by E mail. Chris
Hey Chris,

When we were out in Wyoming we were told over and over, by very experienced bear people, that this was a real "hot bear year" there. People are/were seeing griz's everywhere, even in place where they've never been before; and they are hungry. Be sure to be extra careful in any outdoors adventures

Thanks for the tip. My brother is a bear biologist who has been trapping bears all over the state for several years. He radio collars them and tracks them for different studies. I have some pretty good video footage of his adventures. In fact, he and his crew will be on a National Geographic special this fall. My dad is a guide in the fall for elk and deer hunting trips and he has had trouble with grizzlies several times in the last 10-12 years. I think we have the bear thing pretty well covered. I just have to be able to run faster than whoever I am with.
Thanks for the replys every one. I am already back. I only got away one morning to shoot rockchucks. Everything ended up close, out to 350 yards, but it was still a fun hike with a swift. I shot 6 chucks in about an hour and a half of walking and glassing. It was hard to avoide hikers.
It is a bad area year for bears though. The High country is dry so they are coming down lower.
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