Model 70 7wsm Extreme Weather


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Nov 27, 2012
Middleton, Idaho
Now that I have some coin to pick this rifle up, I'm having an impossible time trying to find one. Does anyone know if they are still producing this rifle, or is it discontinued? I like the rifle, and have handled it, but it was in a 300wsm. I would prefer the 7wsm for the better BC, as I hand load.

Thanks for any info anyone has on this, I appreciate it.
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Yep, you're right. Gone, gone, and hard to find.

I checked on GB with no luck. This means the good deals ore gone too.

If you're really serious you could call some of the larger gun stores to see if they can order one for you. might be $$.

Best of luck
If you find a place that has more than one let me know, I have been searching for months with no success.
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