MOA and 1/4" clicks


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Dec 17, 2009
Not sure if this is the right place for this but I am trying to understand MOA and my question is a follows:

for example 1 MOA @ 800 yards if 8.376" and my rifle drops 146.9 " and this distance, since I have 1/4" clicks I take 1.047"divided by 4 = 0.26175 times 8 = 2.094. then 146.9 divided by 2.094 = 70.15

70.15 clicks right?

If this is wrong please explain the way to me, thanks bobtails.
Yes, it would be 70 clicks.

However....IMHO... you'd be better off changing your whole way of thinking. Think of drop (and build your drop card) in MOA, not inches. That adjustment is, in a way, independent of distance in that you don't have to worry about how many inches each click will give you at that distance. A MOA is a MOA is a MOA. And your turret is marked in MOA, too, not inches. Read your card, you need 17.5 MOA at 800 yards, dial your turret to the 17.5 mark. No counting clicks or getting confused "Now was that 59 or 69 clicks?"
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I have luepold M1 turrets, so you are saying when I turn on click on my turret, it just turned it as far as 4 clicks would have before I had the turrets installed?
No the M1 turrets are still 1/4 per click.

I'm not sure where I confused you... I'd like to clarify if you can explain.
(MOA @ 100 Yards) x (Target Yardage (ex: 275yd = 2.75)) = (One MOA At Target Yardage)
(Inch Holdover) / (One MOA at Target Yardage) = MOA Adjustment


Cartridge : .300 WM
Target Yardage : 450 Yards
Hold Over in Inches : 30.2"

1.0473 (moa @ 100 yards) X 4.5 (450 yards)= 4.713 (One MOA @ 450 yards)
30.2 (inch hold over) / 4.713 (One MOA @ 450 Yards) = 6.4 (MOA Adjustment)

Your MOA adjustment is 6.4.
6.4 MOA is equivalent to 26 "clicks"

Hope that helps

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