Minimum shotgun barrel length?


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Dec 18, 2006
I bought a Winchester model 1200 and someone cut the barrel rather short. Can anyone tell me the legal minimum barrel length and the proper method of measuring it? Finally, does anyone have an extra barrel (that will fit) for sale? I'm try to put it together for my neice and her family for home protection...they're on a tight budget and I want to help them out.
Thanks in advance!
I'm pretty sure 18" measured from bolt face to crown is minimum, to be safe I'd like to see 18 1/8" as a minimum. No, a 20 ga barrel won't fit in a 12ga receiver. That's like trying to fit a 30-06 barrel on a rifle that's set up for the .338 Lapua.
Min length is 18" with an overall length of 26".

To measure, close the bolt, drop a dowel down the barrel, mark it at the end of the barrel and measure from the breech face. Anything removable (chokes) does not count towards barrel length.
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