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Discussion in 'Backpack Hunting' started by backyardsniper, Feb 20, 2014.

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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have an eberlestock gunslinger2, but I would like to get another larger pack too. I am looking hard at just getting a mil surplus pack. I have a lot of miles under an alice pack, I was looking at the new molle pack as well. My question is are these suitable or would they "just work". I also looked into the cabelas brand frame pack. They do have a rifle carrier which is a big plus. I like the Idea of an external frame pack having used them in the military ie;the alice pack. What are yalls opinion. Do I need to get something specialized, does it really matter or will a surplus pack be just fine. I'm looking at this as a general do it all from hauling gear to the duck club and blind, to using as a suitcase on vacation with the wife. On a side note the wife loves it when I do that, seems to really embarrass her when we show up at the airport to go on vacation and I'm hauling some type of camoflage bag or pack. Hauling out game, hauling in camp gear if I ever get the opportunity to do any pack in style hunting. Let me know yalls opinions, does anybody use a mil surplus pack for this type of hunting, or should I look into something like the cabelas. I don't plan to spend more than say $250 but I can get a molle pack for about $80 and a large alice for around $40. So I could get both of those for half of what one of the cabelas packs cost. Thanks for the help guys.

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    It is hard to beat the convenience of the large ALICE pack. I too humped it for quite a while. It carries a load well. All the hardcore military folks still use the frame from it. Drawback is the one size only fit. If it fits you, you are good. They were made to fit the average person. With that said, there are more ergonomical packs out there. Backpacking packs are made to fit the body better and you can get one "sized" to your dimensions. The ruck is just what it is, no changing for torso length etc. I use a backpacking pack that has an internal frame. Your best bet may be to check out your local backpacking store and see if they "demo/rent" packs. Then load it up and see what it feels like when you hike it. Someimes at the end of the year they sell them as used and you can get a deal.

    In the Marine Corps the MOLLE pack was around for about 4 years and then it gave way to the ILBE (designed by ArcTeryx) and that went away after about 8 and now they went back to a Ruck/MOLLE hybrid-it stinks too. The ALICE was around for well since Vietnam...If that says anything.

    Bottom line-Packs are personal, yours might not feel good on me, but lets you carry the world. Try as many as you can.

    Let me know what you come up with.