Might have NW CO Antelope opening


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Feb 11, 2004
Not sure where to post this, but thought this would be okay. We've been hunting an area in NW CO for the last 4 years. We usually pay the rancher for 6 buck hunters and you can shoot a doe as well if desired. Our average goats measure 14" to 16" and score from 70 to 81". The mass in this area of the state is very good and mature goats will have very good cutters. In addition, the cow elk are typically feeding on his wheat field so we setup blinds that overlook entrances to the field for shooting at them. I may have 2 openings for this year.

Price is $800 for a buck antelope, doe antelope and cow elk and is paid directly to rancher. Antelope require zero to 1 point and cow tags are available over the counter. Typically start on a Friday and finish on a Monday. This year would be Oct 8th to 11th. PM me if interested. If not interested this year, keep me posted as I would like to rotate 6 hunters every other year to insure drawing the antelope tags.
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