CO, UT, NM antelope draw?


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Nov 14, 2009
I am growing tired of not getting a chance to hunt antelope in my home state of AZ. I think that I will put in for a tag in a surrounding state this year. Does anyone know what the first time non resident draw rates are like for these states for hunt on public lands? Sound like Wy may be the place to go but logistically the other states listed would work out much better for me.
Thanks for your input
NM has a 7% sucess rate for non-residents and if you draw your told what unit your going to hunt in. All this is according to Eastman's Hunting Journal. You put in for the area you want to hunt and they decide on the Unit. From all the stuff I've read your better off buying point's in the states you've chosen, then you have better odd's of getting a blue chip area. WY has the best non-resident drawing out there. I've drawn the last 2 yr's in 2 different unit's. I killed a decent buck the first year and killed a really nice buck this year. If you join Eastman's you get privilage's to a member's only section that tell's you the odd's as a non-resident as well as what unit's to apply for.
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