Meausurement needed: 300PRC with a 215 Berger


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Dec 27, 2018
All, I need to get the loaded neck diameter of some 300 PRC brass seated with a 215 Berger.

I NEED ADG measurements, but Lapua and Hornady would be helpful too. Thanks in advance!
That is insane to me. I'm at .3400-.3415 with two different lots of ADG and two different lots of 215's.

Chamber spec and fired rounds are at .3420. I just got some Lapua that measured .3380. Are you guys neck turning this brass or did I get an extremely thick necked lot?
As for mine, the Gunwerks is brand new ammo and the Hornady are reloads on the 4th loading. Sounds like ADG gave you too much brass LOL - you shouldn't need to do any neck turning to easily work in SAMMI form.
I'll measure some fired and new/raw ADG this evening to see what it is.
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Shot a powder rough in on lunch. Finally hit a turning point now that I have adequate neck clearance.