McMillan Lazeroni Thumbhole Sporter Stock


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Dec 31, 2009
This looks like an awesome stock. I am a newbie building my very first rifle with a lot of help from everyone here. Do you think the McMillan Lazeroni Thumbhole Sporter Stock would be great for a 280 AI? And here's another stupid question for you, what would be the weight difference between a fiberglass stock by McMillan or finding a similar one that is synthetic? Thanks for your help.

You cannot go wrong with a McMillan stock. IMO they make the finest fiberglass stocks available. As to the Lazzaroni thumbhole it will be a bit heavier than some of the other offerings by McMillan.

I know the designer of both the Lazzaroni stocks, Randy Lawson of Harry Lawson Co. in Tucson Az. John Lazzaroni, also from Tucson, came to Randy to have him design two stocks that would dress up his rifles and help control recoil. Then he had McMillan make them.

The thumbhole design original was designed by Harry, Randy's father back in the 60s. The wooden stocks are very light and have a variety of features that make them point fast and control recoil.

I would say yes to you making a rifle aound this stock with your 280AI.

A friend has the Lazzaroni sporter stock with a 257 weatherby and loves it.

Hope that helps.
Does McMillan make this in synthetic or only in fiberglass? Do you know how much it weighs?
I just got off the phone with McMillan. They said this stock weighs in at around 2 Ib 4 oz. This doesn't seem that heavy to me. Given this, is there any benefit to getting this or looking at the MCS-GAT or MCS-T5A?

JW, I just bought one a few months ago. It is part of a build I will have done soon. A full custom 300 Win with a Defiance action and a Kreiger 28" barrel.

I chose this stock because it is light, strong and most of all they are suppose to lessen felt recoil. I also liked the fact that this has a raised comb and one of the highest I found. This I feel will help with my eye alignment wnen I mount the 30 moa canted base and the 5.5-22x56 Nightforce on her.

Jeff gun)gun)
I think they had a couple of these on the web specials page at Mcmillan. I got one of the short action stocks listed and saved $110

Will this stock give you support for you 30 MOA rails or will you head be off the stock? Would it work for me if I had a 20 MOA rails on my 280 AI build?


Will this stock give you support for you 30 MOA rails or will you head be off the stock? Would it work for me if I had a 20 MOA rails on my 280 AI build?


Well I don't hav it together yet. But I chose a not too tall of mount ( Near Mfg.) and judging from the fact this stock also has a milled slot to remove the bolt I feel like it should be fairly high. This build I am doing is for a rifle to shoot 210 berger into very small groups and still be a fairly light rifle to carry and take game to 1000 yards.

Does anyone know how this stock compares to the MCS-GAT or MCS-T5A? Has anyone seen them side by side?
hey Jeffwhip,
Just wondering how your build turned out. I'm currently building a Winchester 300RUM and just ordered up the Lazzeroni. What did you end up with for scope mounts/rails?

I love the Lazeroni stock! I went with a NF 5.5 X 22 along with the NF mounts. It is a little heavy though and I haven't hunted with it yet.
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