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SOLD/EXPIRED Mcmillan 260rem/308 win for sale


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Jan 31, 2008
It is with a heavy heart that I now offer for sale my very first custom rifle. Built by Gail McMillan and his Brother in Phoenix Arizona.

I just got the rifle back From Kirby Allen of Allen precision shooting he re barreled the rifle for me. If you don't know who he is you are living under a rock when it comes to rifle smiths.

Here are the spec's.

McMillan M98 action
Wyatts extended box mag
McMillan McHale stock in woodland camo
Lilja 27.5" fluted 1-8 twist barrel .875 at the muzzle chambered in 260 Remington
Parker and Hale bi pod
Leupold MK4 Base
side bolt relese

I also have the original barrel a Lilja 24" 1-10 twist barrel .750 at the muzzle in 308 winchester 100 rounds fired by me barrel broke in correctly. Recoil lug included so barrel is already head spaced.

I have not fired the weapon only got it back a few weeks ago after what seamed like for ever. Kirby shot the rifle at 500yds and scored a 2" group in a 20mph full value wind.

I have the load information that he provided available. I am asking 3300 for the weapon or a possible trades im open to anything

I do not own the scope or the bipod they are Kirby's

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Too bad you have to part with her, that may be the perfect beginers gun into LRH. I love the 260 and have killed deer out to just over 600 with one.