Matchkings vs. Gamekings

Jay Kyle

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Jan 6, 2002
Okotoks, Alberta
I used to ask the same question, after I looked around the only thing that came close to matching the BC of a SMK on paper was the Lost River J36's. So I decided to order up a bunch and work up a load. Well the first box all had loose tips and the machining was ripply, the 2nd box were ok (i.e not great), the third box was marked as 180gr's but had 168 gr's in it, and they also had loose tips.
I was quite disappointed as I thought this would be a great hunting bullet, but what I received shows that LRBT is plagued by quality control problems that made them too unreliable for me.

If they can get past this hurdle the LRBT may have something.

On another point - when it comes to the .338 space there isn't a bullet out there that even comes close to the SMK that carries the energy out there like the 300gr SMK.

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