Sierra Gamekings in .338 RUM


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Jul 30, 2003
Bountiful, Utah
I'm wondering about the performance of Gamekings on elk. Specifically the .338 caliber 250 grain bullet. Anyone with experience with this? It'll be in a .338 RUM, so the bullet has to hold together enough if the shot is inside of 100 yards. I expect the shot to be between 200 and 300 yards.

Mark in Utah
A 210 gr. partition in .338 Win. is supposed to be ideal. That what I have loaded but never shot at one yet. Can't get much better then a partion I think. Good luck!null
I loaded up some of the 250GK for my 338 UM. I never got to shoot anything living with them but they are very accurate. With a mild load I worked up for dear they were less then 1MOA at 100 for three shots.
I've used the 250 Sierra GameKing in the 338 Lapua for a few hunts... killed a few good sized Texas hogs without a problem. Very accurate loads, muzzle velocity in the 3200 fps range.
I'll probably be thowing these at around 3100 fps. Sierra's not know for making particularly strong bullets, but they do have a very good reputation for making an accurate bullet. Conflicting thoughts.....

The bullet "explodes" and sheds 50% on impact leaving me a 125 grain "bullet". Compared to the retained weight of smaller caliber guns this isn't too bad.

Don't need to worry about expansion as much when you're ALREADY starting out that much bigger.

Still pondering....

Mark in Utah
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