SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a 28 Nosler custom lightweight


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Aug 24, 2010
I am looking for a high end custom in 28 Nosler. I am looking to shoot 195 bergers. I am looking for a lighter weight rifle. I am not wanting a rem 700 action build. Custom action. Let me no what you have. text 517*404*5883 or [email protected]
I guess I will be a little clearer about what I am looking for. Titanium action or defiance ultra light proof barrel. If I don't find one I will have one built.
Give Travis a call he has one built proof barrel his custom action built by defiance to his specs his phone # 360-861-8195
Thanks If I am going to pay that amount I will just have one built exactly to my specs. Thought I would look before I had one built. I have heard good things about RBros stuff.