looking for 338-378 load data

Michael Lares

Sep 22, 2017
Any one have any new data? Would love to be able to get 2950-3025 out of a 28” barrel with a 300gr. Just looking may not be able to do this with a Sammi cartridge! One day!
RL 33 or Hogdon us 869 are the two I've been working with. Retumbo too fast, bmg 50 takes up a lot of volume, same with RL 50. 30" Lilja barrel, 300 gr. Acubonds, 325 gr. RMB. Have some 300 bergers to try for long range shooting for wolves etc. I'm single shooting as OAL length is 4" to 4.130". I can get over 3000 but that misses the node for 30" barrel. I can't shoot 300 gr any faster than 325 gr for that reason. Same with 280 gr. Can't make the next fastest node so no gain.


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