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I am looking for some help on building a rifle tripod for long range work. I'm just getting into the sport and need all the help I can get. I have been reading posts on this site for awhile now and it seems you guys know your stuff. I figered while I'm saving for my big gun I will work on all the other stuff needed for the sport. So any help on whether a tripod or shooting table is the way to go and plans on building them. Thanks alot and god speed to our troops!
Dunno about building tripods, but R.W. Hart sells a pretty whamplidyne model called the 'Ultimate Tripod' over at www.rwhart.com.

As far as building a portable bench, search via Google for 'Booger Bench'. Nice and light and small, but maybe not optimum for ultimate long range artillery work. Hopefully some other fellows here can help you in that regard.

The tripod looks pretty cool. Too bad his web site is so bad. Yikes!
It took me a while to find the stupid thing. Maybe one day he'll get a real site and I can finally trade him for some gear.
.. My VersaRests will be available pretty soon.. It uses a surveyor's tripod and a regular BR style front rest.. You can even use your existing rest top with it if it has a 3/4 or 1" post.. It will also be available soon with an optional windage top..
.. Also, it can be converted to a one piece benchrest with an optional BR kit..
..Plus, there will also be a kit for using it on truck hoods and other surfaces, level or not, that you'd rather not mess up.. It weighs around 14 or so pounds and I'm currently looking for options on carry bags.. I found an old military "roll bag" that works perfect for me.. Just toss it on your back and go.. Although I wouldn't wanna go TOO far.. Hehehe.. JiNC

Very interesting. It seems you do rough elevation adjustments with the tripod leg and fine adjustments with the twirly thingy?

The design looks like it would be a little more stable than the Ultimate (which is mighty fine, by the way).
Hey Brent.. Sure thing.. I'm still working some final touches for maximum flexability.. When I get thru there will be a removeable case/scope cap cover holder made of Delrin between the front post and the bubble level.. You will also be able to lock down a modified MTM type plastic cartridge box to the main beam for the high volume shooters.. Hehehe.. And there may actually be some Magnum (4" main beam) versions in with the first batch..
There's still a bit of tweaking to be done with this project..

..Len.. You are correct on the elevation adjustments.. Ya put your foot on the back leg and you can adjust it freely up or down.. I've been trying to come up with a rest for use in mountainous areas for a year or so now.. This is what I came up with.. It's not really meant to replace a good stout table but it is intended to allow for a more pleasant experience when ya havta hoof it over to the other side of the hilltop to set up for a shot.. I wanted something that you could use an existing pedestal rest top with that already "fits" your rifle if ya wanted.. It'd be nice to use the same setup for load development and field shooting.. Hence, the BR kit..
.. Plus you can shoot in the sitting or standing position with the surveyor's tripod.. Handy for that sneaky shot over the ridgeline, maybe.. I'm trying my best to keep the cost down.. The tripods aren't exactly cheap but I think they're well worth it for the mobility this thing will afford.. I can't wait to see how they get modified by other folks..!!

PS- Lemme know when it become necessary to talk to you about the proper way to show this gadget.. I don't mean to try to advertise.. I'm just excited about this thing finally coming to fruition and I wanna get the word out about the new "goodie"..
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