Long Range Squirrels


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Aug 30, 2020
I love popping squirrels at improbable ranges.

Tikka t1x 17hmr with a Riton 4-20×50. I love these rifles, but this one is still in for warranty repairs after the chamber exploded in my hands back in December..


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May 10, 2016
Man if I knew how to get photos off my old phone I could show some nasty head shots . All from my 17 Mach 2 on gray squirrels . I talking looks like you smacked them between the eyes with an axe. I normally hunt them hard for about the first two months of the season. Only killed 46 this past year though pal was very sporadic and no hickory to be found. Furthest I’ve killed one thus far was range finder 127 yards . I love squirrel hunting
Been thinking about downloading my old savage 222 with some trailboss and nosler 40 gr ballistic tips . They’d be good for shooting heads off too

Old Hickory 45

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Oct 3, 2020
Burlington, Iowa
I bought a Savage BMAG .17 WSM skinny barreled rifle as soon as they were for sale. It had some shortcomings but as for squirrel hunting and an occasional varmint, the rifle had some short comings.

Soon to arrive were the free upgrade parts and tools to do away with the shroud above the safety and improve operation. The improvement was easy to install.

The stock, like a lot of Savage factory stocks, are an inch too short for taller folks so I added an inch to the stock by adding a cheap slip over black rubber recoil reducer on the rifle buttstock. The Tupper Ware stock was flimsy at the forearm so I recently bedded the stock and added two 3/16"steel threaded rods in the forearm during the bedding. Accuracy of the rifle varied as to what part the forearm was rested. That serious problem is now rectified.

I then added a Burris 3X-9X scope because the Simmons 6.5X-20X would not adjust enough for close shots.

I quickly discovered there wasn't enough bolt handle clearance so I added a Glades Armory bolt handle and it works great.

The reason I didn't opt for an aftermarket stock is I prefer the light carry ( about 4 1/2 pounds) and the added expense and weight.

When one is well past retirement age, light carry is pretty much a requirement while hunting steep hills and river bluffs. ;)

This is a great place for those of us that are considered rabid squirrel hunters.
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Jul 31, 2010
If you want something that is as quiet as a 17HMR but good for head shots to 300 yards, try a 22 Hornet. Loaded with 12.6 grains of Lil'Gun, 40 grain Vmax or Sierra Blitzking in WW brass with a Fed small pistol primer. Will shoot well under an inch at 200 yards.

Target aquares are 1/2" on a side.


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