Long Range Squirrels


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Jan 19, 2016
Butler, Mo.
I have access to a 180 acre pecan grove that is kept manicured like a park so you cant get in close to them as they can see you coming from a ways off, so I set up on the eastern edge and pick'em off as they come out. First one on the left was the closest at about 30 yards, second from the left was the farthest, I stepped it off at around 135 paces. Marlin .17HMR shooting Hornady 17gr. VMax ammo.

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I see some of you guys are running 3-9 power scopes on your 22lr and 22 mags. Do you have trouble getting a clear focus with these scopes at under 25 yards or less?

No problem with my old Bushnell Banner 3X9 on my .22 rifle but I have a 6-24 on my HMR and a 6.5-20 on my .17 WSM. There is an occasional focus problem with very close shots with the bigger scopes.

A 3-9 is about all you need for a .22.

My Savage .17 WSM rifle has been my main go to rifle since I bought it a couple of years ago. I love my WSM rifle for squirrels and rabbits. An occasional varmint is also included.

Yes, head shots are a must while shooting small game with the HMR and the WSM.