vermont squirrels


Nov 26, 2009
vermont squirrel hunting is a lot of fun there are a bunch of squirrles. me and my freind killed 4 grays within a cupple hours in a really small area. we used 177 cal. pellets with a crosmen pellet guns.
when you find them there are usely a lot of them and there not hard to find. I saw 15 in one day during buck seson there was 5 grays squirrels and the rest were red squirrles. They are fun to watch when you can see them and they cant see you.
I remember when i used to go out and shoot those things all the time. When i was younger thats all i did was squirrel hunt. I used everything from my RWS Model 34 177 cal air gun to a 22. With the occasional 12 gauge, 30 Carbine, and one with a 6.5 Creedmoor:D
I love squirrel hunting here in pa. The first thing I hunted growing up was squirrels. I have the pleasure these past couple years of taking my 4 sons squirrel hunting and they love it. We have an abundance of grey, Fox, red, and black squirrels around the farm. When we go it is shooting all day long. There is nothing better than sitting down and eating a meal of squirrel for dinner.
Shot these last week here in North Carolina with a .177 caliber pellet rifle. Lots of funny and certainly challenging.

Lots of tree rats here in Michigan too. Bag limit is 6 per day per hunter with 10 in possession.

We use tree rats for a fill in between game seasons and can hunt them from September through March.

I usually hunt them with my trusty 10-22 carbine and /or a 410 single shot.

Squirrel crock pot stew or BBQ'd squirrel is good. Some good recipes on the net.....

Fun to hunt and teaches stalking and cover skills too plus it keeps the population down, tree tars can be destructive.

Preferrably head shots. Not too much left with a 410...not too much there to begin
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