Handgun Squirrels

morning, I have a 22/45 I have scoped. very accurate. lots of fun, turtles,

rabbits, squirrels, raccons, grackles, sparrows and snakes. lots of fun

u shoot very well. THK. U lightbulb:)gun)
morning, grackles r a black bird related to the magpie. the crap everywhere

fly in flocks. eat anything and everything. lay down a taco, they will

steal the taco, sandwich, chips anything that is eatable. I try to kill 10 or more

a week. these birds r a real problem here in TX. they breed year around.

we have feral pigeons. during dove season the season is on for grackles and

feral pigeons. THK. U lightbulb:)gun)
Ahhh, Yah. I have those annoying birds. they come in by the 100's and clean out my bird feeders. hate them very much. Noisy things too!
morning, I collect 22cal. pistols. I have 8 and counting. I have a brand new

9 shot H&R. in the leather holster. never been fired. THK. U lightbulb:)gun)
I certainly enjoy this thread and pictures. I carry a Browning Buck Mark to pop close squirrels and rabbits because of the big scopes on my squirrel rifles, scopes that won't quickly adjust to within very close range.
I hunt with a T/C contender 10" SS 22LR match barrel with a burris 2x7 pistol scope. Usually shoot CCI SGB. I also hunt with a S&W model 17- iron sights and a Stoeger copy of the High Standard supermatic military - iron sights. The T/C is like hunting with a rifle. It is the only pistol I have shot 5 squirrels off the same tree. It was a Hickory nut tree early in the season. 4 head shots and one shoulder shot. I love squirrel hunting as I see more game in the woods of all varieties during those hunts. Dad got me hooked at age 7 on my first hunt. Hunted then with a .410 single barrel. I started my kids and grandkids out around age 10.