Long-Range Spotting Devices


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Jun 8, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A catalog from a mailorder store hit my desk today and while idly flipping through it I cam across something V E R Y interesting.

What other hobby requires super high quality optics with a lot of magnification power?


Anyone ever consider using an astronomical telescope for spotting at long range?

If you are thinking of a huge and unwieldy telescope, think again. There seems to be a new generation of large, high powered but compact telescopes on the market.

These devices all seem to come complete with a tripod, a small "finder scope" and huge objective lenses.

Some of these telescopes have way too much power but a few have interchangeable eye pieces anywhere from 16x to about 200x.

The main reason I noticed these telescopes is that in the catalog they were placed beside a pair of tripod mountable 20x binoculars. Interestingly enough the binos are about $70 more expensive than the most expensive telescope and the binos do not include the tripod.

I think this discovery requires some more investigation before any money gets put down but it looks to have some promise.

Peter Cronhelm
A while back at www.benchrest.com (Centerfire Forum) there was some discussion about using the Meade ETX 90 for a spotting scope. IIRC, it got good reveiws. If no one here has tried it, you might go there and ask for the guys who have one.
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