long range rig out of Savage action


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Jun 12, 2003
Has anyone built a long range barrel blocked gun out of a non accurized action? I was thinking I might me able to build on on the cheap. I would build it with the largest barrel possible like 1.2" and a 30"+ long.
I haven't myself but have seen Tim Lambert's record setting Savage built with a barrel block and I think a 30" barrel, not sure if the action was accurized. It's a 7 WSM and he shot a 5 shot group at a mile measuring around 10.9", he shot down here in Tucson last year and that rifle is quite the shooter, along with Tim behind the trigger.

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actually, I prefer the Savage over the Remington.But if you are going that far I would definately true up the action.
Here are some pix of one I built for myself and could not be more pleased.It is chambered in 7MM WSM with a 1 in 9 twist 30" Krieger. Also I see no reason to go with 1-1/2" barrel unless you want the extra weight.
My barrel is 1-1/4" for 10" and then straight taper to .950 and the entire gun weighs right on 20lbs.Just made and put on a muzzle break today and recoil is about like a .223

The two groups were shot at 700 yds. with 70grs. of retumbo with a hornady 162 AMAX cronied at 3155 fps.
the four shot group was fired second after moving point of imact.

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Hey 308 Nate, thanks for the pics, I wound not have extected #20 but it does all add up fast. I have never seen a barrel block exactly like that one, any idea what it weighs? I am shure alot of the weight is from the wood stock though.
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