long range for under 2000$????


Mar 26, 2013
Sort of new just been lurking for awhile. Im starting to venture out past 500 yards and after some reading im wondering is it possible to buy or build a 1000 yard+ rifle capable of 1500 or better for under 2000 and be shooting?
I think so, I found a buyer this past week on this site for my buddy's rifle. It is a .300 RUM Sendero, complete scope , 15 moa base, brass, die. All for under $1800.00 I've owned 3 of these and the one I used for target had a Pac-Nor barrel that was throated for the 240 SMK, built for 1000+ yards. It shot good at just over a mile. I had under $2000.00 in it.
Savage long range comes to mind if you don't want to go custom. A 700 in 300 RUM will get you there too. Savage is a bit more modular and you could do much work yourself as your budget allowed without a smith. Nothing wrong with used rifles if they have been taken care of and not shot out. My original 1000+ platform was a used cooper phoenix in 6.5x.284. Would never regret that one except it started down an expensive path. Next was a used sendero in 300 Rum for the mile and then a full blown custom. Still shoot the 6.5 as it's the most accurate rifle i had till my custom.
Also be think the savage long range hunter would do the trick. I just picked up the 111 for just over $1000. I'm am replacing the stock with a xlr evolution. That keeps me just under $2000 and I had a vx7 to top it off with laying around. I'm sure the gun would shoot fine as is but I'm doing this as a fun project and wanted the same stock as my 338 am so going back and forth feels the same. Also keeps me happy while I wait. I will try and get some group sizes this week if it ever stops raining.
About 7 years ago I bought a Savage Model 12 BVSS in .300WSM from Jim Briggs. Shipped to my FFL out the door just under $700.00. As soon as i got it I took the 26" .300WSM barrel of and replaced it with a 7RSAUM 30" Bull Shilen Select Match with a Harrell's brake that I had already ordered before I bought the rifle. ( I had a plan ) I sold the .300WSM barrel for $175.00 unfired. I had under $450.00 in the 7RSAUM barrel. I added a 20moa Ken Ferrall base. I had a NF scope with rings. So all in all I had just under $1000.00 in the rifle without the scope, rings, and base.
Interesting subject. I have built 6 Savages now. I am just getting ready to complete a 6.5 SAUM as my latest build.

There is a budget rifle and then there is cheap. I prefer budget as I do believe you can do well enough with in your price range. 1 thing a builder has to keep in mind is reloading or factory ammo purchasing. All of my builds are for reloading and don't usually include the price of those components.

So, if you call me today and said you wanted a good accurate budget minded long range rifle scoped for $2000.00 I would say, yep, no issue.

Here are the price ranges I have found and built from. Keep in mind, you can buy used or new components. For savage you can order pre-fit barrels.
Stock- 200-300
Barrel- 200-700 used to new with brake. There is quite the swing here.
Action- 250-400
Metal- trigger guard, blind mag, bolts, lug, barrel nut (150)
Rings- 50-100
Picatiny rail - 70-100
Scope -800.00 Vortex Viper PST for example

You can take a cheap savage stock and make it work fine. I have a 6.5-284 in a standard stock that shoots .5 MOA, and several others that do just as well. I am not saying these are great stocks, I am just saying they seem to be fine for a budget minded build. You can bed them, strengthen if necessary etc. Or replace with Hogue, B&C, etc with a budget replacement. I took my accustock and modified with flush cups and am installing a custom adjustable cheek rest. I like this stock as it is light and strong.
Stockade Gunstocks makes a great stock or the savage at the price they charge. And you can build a complete rifle for around 2k depending on what you do to it.
BrentM thank you for the information It was extremely helpful im just not sure what manufactures to buy everything from
Just about to finish this last build. Not including reloading components I am into this one, 1350.00. I needed some parts from Savage that cost 76.00. Bolts, trigger guard, blind mag and spring.

Needed to finish the rifle: scope, level, and rings. Most likely it will be a vortex viper pst 6-24 x 50 MOA and possibly black hawk 6 screw rings. I am not sure what to do on the scope level yet. I might build my own or do to fold away like on the rifle in the 2nd picture with black stock and scope. Which I also built.


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Sort of new just been lurking for awhile. Im starting to venture out past 500 yards and after some reading im wondering is it possible to buy or build a 1000 yard+ rifle capable of 1500 or better for under 2000 and be shooting?
It definitely is possible.

We had a good thread going on the subject a while back where lots of people chimed in with their budget minded build ideas.


Give that a read and see if it doesn't help.
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