Long range beginner and the 416PGW

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    Phew made it in! That login system ket thanking me for logging in and then booting me out the next second.
    Thought I would introduce myself and ask around for a bit of advice. I'm a bigbore owner from Accurate reloaing.com. Own a 585 nitro wildcat a 375 and shotguns so long range is not my area of expertise.My work background is also limited to range firing at 330 yards or less.

    Was wondering if anyone here has heard of or used the 416 PGW which looks like a very interesting calibre.
    A few questions I havein any case are brass availability,dies(RCBS as usual?)load data and ballistics?
    Also opinions on the Jensen bullets in the bigger calibres for hunting and long range work.
    Thanks for any assistance,

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Karl, glad you got in.

    I have a Ruger 416wby and often thought of having the thing rebarreled and chambered for a variant of the 408 CheyTac too.

    Warren has "THE" bullet for long range work with that big case, it's just that it is only in .408" that concerns me.

    Not one other person I'm aware of makes a bullet in that dia. yet, if they ever will. If Sierra made a 400gr MK I'd jump on it today. I have to have a choice ya see.

    A .375" or .416" would be the logical choice, having Warren make a bullet modeled after the 408's .940 BC wind walker.

    I think the .375" and 400gr missles would be the easy ticket for success here.

    Warren has the 408 brass. A friend, Randy has 100rds already. I got to measure one a while back.
    Randy has a 585 Niati too. It's huge.

    I have another friend, Chris Campbell, he uses Warrens J36 in their 30/378Wby's exclusively. He sayed they are VERY accurate and hold up great.

    As far as I know Warren doesn't make the J40 in 375 or 416. But has indicated to me that he would make a 416 400gr based on the 408 416gr bullet.

    Ross at Prairie Gunworks Has dies and reloading data for the 416PGW.

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    Thanks Brent,
    I got an email back from Ross from PGW also.
    The decisions begin!