Long rang shooting poem

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  1. sniperjwt

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Wrote this while sitting in a traffic jam earlier this week. What do you think.

    I am a long-range shooter, we are a different breed
    Squeezing out all the accuracy I can, not really concerned with speed
    I handload every round that I shoot, it's a very tedious chore
    I think I found a good load, now I must handload some more
    I spend a lot of time looking through a scope Inhale, exhale, squeeze
    Disappointed if it does not hit it's mark, I am very difficult to please
    I spend hours and hours at the range practicing the skill
    Just to hit your mark at 1000 yards you must be perfectly still
    From 1 yard to 1000 and everywhere in between
    I expect to make a kill shot that is very clean
    Not everyone has what it takes to pull off that kind of shot
    And if you don't it's ok you can help me spot.
    I am a long range shooter and I am a different breed
    A quest for perfect accuracy is what I am on And it has an appetite that I must feed
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    May 24, 2010
    I kinda like it... nice job!