New to long range shooting.

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I have been shooting since I was a kid... a long time ago:cool: but other than shooting out to 300 meters for Army rifle quals I have never shot long range except for one time when I shot a fun match with my Model 1917 Winchester with the stock military peep sight, and one of the targets was a silhouette at 385 yards.

    This past weekend a local gunshop/gunsmith hosted a 500 yard match. I have a Savage 10FP that I bought a couple years ago but have never shot it other than to sight it in at 100 yards.

    Got to the match and I was in the third flight to shoot. It was about 10:30 and the wind was calm.

    We were only allowed 15 rounds, smallest 5 round group wins.

    I set up at the bench and my spotter/coach helped me figure what I needed to dial up from my zero for 500 yards and since I had never shot that far before, he had me shoot at the gong beside the target to make sure I was on. Got dialed in with the first 5 so moved to the actual target for the next 5. After firing them the target puller radioed back that all 5 were on target with the estimated center 3" from center at 8 o'clock. We dialed in a little more elevation and right windage and I fired the last set of 5 at a new target. Guess I should have just left it as it was since I adjusted just a little too much and went high right with a called flyer off the target. When the targets were brought back to the line the first target I shot was the only one with all 5 holes so that was my scored target.

    I ended up with a 5.85" group which I didn't think was too bad for my first try.

    I had a lot of fun and will have to definitely get some training and try this again.:D