Local gunsmith recommendations near Anchorage Alaska


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Oct 15, 2012
Gainesville, FL
Hello all! I'm a few months away from having everything together for my .270wsm rebuild. I'll be having the action trued/blue printed, as well as having my new Lilja barrel chambered and installed. Does anyone have a recommendation or experience with a reputable gunsmith in the area to do the work? I've got alot of financial and emotional investment in this project. Thanks in advance for any help!
Hey AK,
Feel free to send it down to us, we have an extensive AK client list.
Benchmark Barrels
1105 pioneer hwy e
Arlington, Wa
I had Mark Moffitt the 'smith for Last Frontier LAST FRONTIER CUSTOM GUNS
build my 338 Edge and it's a tackdriver,
one of the owners Brian is my co-worker in construction who also does some pretty cool Dura-coat finishes , Mark is very easy to talk to and will do an excellent job with shorter turn around time vs shipping outta state,

call Mark, Derrick or Brian , they will build your gun and ya won't be dissapointed....
tell them I sent ya
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