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  • hello and Merry Christmas. I am going to be doing my first re-barrel. I will be using .277 Matrix in 175gr. I am looking at one of your Benchmark barrels in a 1 in 8 twist, Finish length will be 28 in. 1.25 at the breech,.8** at the muzzle. I am thinking min 4 groove. Your web site does not have much info on it. Any chance you can help out with some info?

    I have heard good things about your barrels and am looking to do my first rebarre job. Thing is I want to rebarrel and semi-custom a Sako 75, that is currently a 7mmRM. Not sure if this is an issue, but I know most people use custom, rem 700, or Savages. I would like to go with the 7mm LRM. I talked to one LRH poster(MidnightMalloy) who used your barrel and had Gunwerks ream it. Can you do that or should I contact Gunwerks. I do not have a reliable smith near me in Boise area so any recommendations would be helpful. I intend to replace the stock and add a break also. Looking to shoot 180 grain bergers and I do reload myself. Barrel seems like it should be ~26", as I hope to get reasonable velocity but keep it in a hunting weight rifle(10lbs w/ scope/rings). Would also want flutes.

    So how much can you help me with this? Timelines? Basic costs?

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