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    SOLD/EXPIRED Pheer 2"x72" knife grinder

    Price dropped $1100 now.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Pheer 2"x72" knife grinder

    I'm posting this up here because I know gun guys like to make knives as well.. My grinder is 4 years old and Made by Pheer down in Portland. Its a 2"x72" with the flat platen and mini roller setups. This unit is heavy, about 105 lbs and has a all welded construction. Thats the reason I picked...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Frozen Fiber 6.5 8 twist Rem varm wrapped blank

    NEW price!! $350 shipped. Thanks! Chris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Frozen Fiber 6.5 8 twist Rem varm wrapped blank

    This is a 1.053" breach rem varm blank with a finish length of 16"-17" in 6.5mm 8 twist 5 groove. Its set up for a small breach rifle (win, CZ, Sako, etc) or a remage. $425 shipped Please text me if your interested or have questions. Thanks! Chris 3607708655
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    SOLD/EXPIRED PDC Custom-Folding stock $350

    It sold on saturday, sorry for the late update. Thanks!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Muzzle Break SALE!!

    I have a bunch of left over breaks that need new homes. Please look at the pic and respond sold by the #. The whole lot is $400 or $50 each, shipping included. The Breaks on the right are all 5/8x24, and left are 1/2x28 thread, and vary in OD size from .760 to 1". They are all in the uninstalled...
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    Frozen Fiber Barrels

    Hey Guys, Here's my contact info: 3607708655 Thanks for all the good comments! Chris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Frozen Fiber rifle barrel blank

    This is a Frozen Fiber 25-27" finish wrapped carbon wrapped Sendero with a .905 muzzle and 1.250x5" breach. The twist is a 9.5 and its a 5 groove. This is a new blank, ready to install before hunting. I don't have a home for it currently so here it is. $500 shipped Please text 3607708655
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    SOLD/EXPIRED PDC Custom-Folding stock $350

    This is a folding PDC custom SA rem 700 footprint receiver and mag. $350 shipped. The paint on it is Krylon and underneath is hard black anodizing. Please text 3607708655
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    SOLD/EXPIRED KRG X-Ray Remington 700 SA $350

    Thanks everyone, the stock sold last night.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED KRG X-Ray Remington 700 SA $350

    I never used this chassis and am now going a different way so I have this priced to go. Woohoo! Please text for a pic 3607708655 and $20 for shipping. Thanks! Chris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Flatline OPS 35mm Alpha 35mm w/Strongarm

    This is a unit I never installed, so here it is cheap $100. Text for a pic, I can't get it to upload 3607708655 Thanks! Chris
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako TRG-S M995 action

    SPF! Thanks!!