Load info for 30 378 weatherby


Dec 23, 2007
Looking for what is working for others???? I have some Berger 185gr and 210gr Bergers ordered in the hunting version. I have been using Swift Scirricos also in the 180gr
I have a Weatherby Accumark. From that rifle I've had excellent success with H50BMG x 117 grains, WMLR primer, OAL of 3.645, topped off with a 200 SMK. I recently bought a box of 210 Bergers, but I haven't had the opportunity to load or do any testing with them.
In a Mark V Accumark.

Wby case trimmed to 2.900"
Fed 215 GM primer
98 gr of H-1000
A 210 Berger VLD seated with an aol 3.800" and check to make sure these will cycle through your mag box. If not sink them another .020"

Velocity is 3050 or so and the brass lasts a long time. I have shot this load to 1000 yards with great success.



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