Load for Sierra 175g in 7mmRemMag


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Jan 18, 2010
West Virginia
Buddy just gave me a box of Sierra Gameking 175g 7mm bullets. I would like to use these in my 7MM Rem Mag. My local gun shop is out of the Sierra manual. I have Lymans, Speer and Hornady but none specifically mention this bullet.
I have IMR4350 and IMR 4831 at the house,
Would someone please let me know the Min/Max from the Sierra manual?

Thank you
The Sierra Manual #4 addition gives the following:

175 Boat tail spitzer bullets:

Min Max

2500ft/sec 2900 ft/sec

IMR-4350 53.0 grains 61.0 grains

IMR-4831 54.6 grains 62.8 grains
thank you for the information shortmagman.

Does anyone have any experience with this bullet that you can share?
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Thanks alaska. I've only reloaded Hornady 154g and Remington 140g for use on game so far. I recently picked up the Sierra 175g and i'll look into the 160g as you suggest.
I really only deer hunt and have never tried the heavier bullets. It's not like they will kill them deader (hahaha)
I just like trying different things and enjoy searching for a pill that will be both accurate and deadly in my rifle.
The 7mm Mag is at its best with the 160gr bullets.........very fond of the Nosler 160gr Accubond and Sierra 160gr Gameking.

Used one for years for Elk..........great for long range shooting.

The 175gr take away that long range edge..........and performance in the 7mm mag. Unless the game is very heavy and closer I do not suggest the 175gr bullet.

Hope this helps.
Understood. Right now, i'm pretty much limited to whitetail at under 200 yards. Absolutely no need for the 175g. They were given to me so i'm going to load them.
Plus, they are a really cool looking bullet hahahaha
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