Sierra load table for 25-06


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Feb 3, 2009
Hey Guys im helping a buddy try a couple different loads for his 25-06. He bought all the stuff we would need but accidently grabbed the speer book instead of the sierra book. Can someone help me with the load table for the 117 grain gameking? Thanks!


BTW its the 25-06 remington
This is what I have on sierra data.
IMR-4320 37.6 TO 43.9
H-380 40.1 TO 42.6
IMR-4350 39.9 TO 48.7
H-4350 EXT 41.3 TO 46.7
RL-19 42.2 TO 46.4
VV-N160 38.9 TO 50.9
AAC-3100 44.1 TO 52.5
H-4831SC 43.6 TO 52.0
VV-N165 42.4 TO 50.4
RL-22 42.5 TO 50.5
IMR-7828 43.4 TO 48.8
RL-25 44.8 TO 51.4

Hope this helpsgun)
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