Load for 280 Rem with 168 Berger and RL17 or 25


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Sep 30, 2008
I am looking for a load for a 280 rem with 168grain berger's with either RL-17 or RL-25. I may also use IMR4831. Any help from someone using the 280 Rem with 168 grain Berger's would be great.
I haven't tried them in my std. 280 but I have in my 280 AI with 63 grains Retumbo and have had excellent results both in the field harvesting a nice White Tail Buck exit wound size of a hardball and at the range with groups in the .2 range ! You could also try H1000,H4831, Hybrid 100 V or even WWSupreme 780 with the 168 Berger VLD.
Good Luck.

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Thanks for the replies but I am wanting real world realistic data with those set ups. I already have surfed the internet for days looking. That is why I explained the loads I was going to use. I will try my own loads and get my own data for my rifle but would like to see what other people are getting.

Thanks Forest but I don't use retumbo. I use IMR 4831, RL 17, RL25 for most of my rifles and would like to not add more powder types to the collection.
I have never tried 168gr but 150gr nosler BT is just plain amazing in my Rem 700 under 1/2min at 100y 2900fps using a rather warm load of IMR 4831 H 4831 wont give acccuracy or speed as IMR 4831
I also tried RL 17 with listed load Only one on Alliant site speed was slower but I could have gone higher but ran out of time last fall, might test again in spring.

But the Rl 17 powder in 30.06 was stunning almost 2900fps with 165gr Noslers BT shot a .930"group at 300y out a factory 700 22" barrel. could go a little more on powder charge
i just shot a big rocky mtn bighorn with 168's at 2922 out of a 7mm rm. excellent results i would just run the 280 up to 2800 with re-17. second choice powders would be h-4350 or h-49831 because they are "extreme" and not temp sensitive
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