Leupold Mark AR for long range hunting?


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Jan 29, 2010
Leupold has $50 mail in rebate on the Mark AR line of scope. Does anyone have any real experience using these scopes for long range hunting? The lower power models have .5 MOA elevation and are also available with the mil-dot reticle to use holding for wind. Seems like they might work pretty well?
Has anyone used this scope for long range hunting? Comments? How would it compare to the new VX-2 line as far as low light and tracking?
I have a 6-18x40 Mark 2 scope which I believe is the former name for the Mark AR line. It's an excellent scope. Glass is comparable to the VX-3 line of scopes. It's like a scaled down Mk4 with a 1" tube and adjustable objective. I have not looked through the Mark AR scopes, but they do appear to be the same optic.

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