Leupold M1 question


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Oct 13, 2003
Gilbert, AZ
OK, I have an M1 4.5 x 14 scope. It's mounted on a 20 MOA base. I sighted it in and re-zeroed the turrets. On the elevation turret I have 3 of the hash marks showing. Does that sound right, or is there a way to re-zero the turrets so that only 1 hash mark is showing so I don't accidently go back to zero for example with only two hash marks showing and then my POI is off?

Do I just need to remember that I always need to see 3 hash marks to be sighted in at 100 yards?

I miss the simplicity of the M3.


I have three (3) hash marks showing on my M1 3.5 x 10 on my 308 Win also. This is normal as I see it with a 20 MOA base.

I record the number of hash marks on the note paper I have posted under my Butler Creek scope caps right along side my come-up data. This little hash mark "100 yard zero" return is handy info.
That is the frustration of the M1 turret, you have to know where the 100 yard zero is re the little lines you talked about. I find it much easier to take a razor edge and make a tiny scribe mark on the side of the turret facing left as you aim the rifle - then just crank down to it. You could also make the same deal with nailpolish, just any reference other than having to remember which of the Leupold lines to go to.

Some turrets zero close enough to the bottom that you can just crank to the bottom and up a bit. You would have to go all the way down and then up three revs. That is not very quick a refence tick or dot or whatever on the side of the turret is easier.
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