M1 Eyepiece question


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Oct 13, 2003
Gilbert, AZ
How critical is it to focus the adjustable eyepiece on the M1 since it also has a side focus?

And, what is the proper way to set it?

I was shooting my new Sendero 300 and was having trouble getting consistent groups and I'm wondering if that eyepiece might have been an issue because I was messing with it (because it's something that can be messed with and I'm a guy) the other day and I ended up moving it from it's factory default position. I read that if it's not adjusted correctly that as I shift my head up and down, the POA moves.

Does anyone know anything about this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Corbett M.

I am not familiar with these scopes but I will give you the general low down on how scopes work.

The side focus is a Parallex Adjustment which eliminates the effects of Parallex at different ranges.

Place your rifle on sand bags or similar, then line the crosshairs up on a target at about 50 or 100 yards.

Without touching the rifle or scope, while looking through the scope, move your head gently from side to side. If the cross hairs move relative to the target, then you have parallex presant in your system. Turning the side focus to the correct setting, eg, 100 yards for a 100 yard target will effectivly eliminate parallex or at least minimise it.

Once this is done, set the eyepiece focus to sharpen the image. Turn the eyepiece until the 100 yard target is nice and sharp. To do this more accuratly some people find the setting where the target appears sharp, then keep turning the setting until the target becomes non sharp, then turn the eyepiece back the other way, through the sharp setting until once again the target is non sharp. The sharp setting is then taken as the midpoint of these two non sharp setting. Anyway, what ever works for you.

If you get this far, the scope system is now set up. The eye focus and side parallex adjustment are now in tandum.From now on to adjust the focus just turn the side parallex knob. This will take care of parralax and focus.

I will post a second message in a few minutes with a bit more info.



Sometimes a scope which has the parallex set at a distance (say 100 yards) will still show some evidence of parallex (POA shift) against a target at that distance(100 yards).

If this is the case, find the side wheel position which eliminates the parallax at that distance (100 yards). Then assuming the side wheel can be reset by unscrewing the cap (perhaps using allen key or such), reset the 100 yard hash mark to the correct position. This should also take care of the other parallex setting for other ranges.

Following this, set your eye piece focus as previously stated in last message.

You are now ready to rock.


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