Leupold customer service is AWESOME

Nov 27, 2011
I just wanted to post this on here to let everyone know about my recent experience with Leupold's returns/customer service dept. I recently returned two pairs of Mojave binoculars to Leupold because the eyecups were sticking. I returned two 10+ year old binos that have been used pretty harshly every year here in CO. Leupold didn't just clean up my old binos and send them back to me they sent me two BRAND NEW pairs of BX-4 binos in the same sizes of my old ones (one 10x42 and one 12x50) no questions asked and at no cost to me. The communication from them was also spot on the whole time. It's crazy but when you call someone in Oregon picks up the phone and helps you immediately. I just wanted to share my personal experience with everyone and rep a great company.
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