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Apr 17, 2003
North Carolina
Met a guy today that was trying to sell a Browning A-bolt w/ a Leica 3x10x40 scope.
I didnt see it, and I have seen, but noyt looked through a Leica scope.
He said it was about a year old, and was sure the warranty would be hoored by Leupold.
He wants $550.00 for it....whats it worth, if anything.
I love Leica binos..sakofan...
New to the LRH boards, hello to all...
Sakofun, Welcome aboard, I was just on the Leica website and didn't notice any rifle scopes in their product lineup and have never seen Leica scopes for sale anywhere. You should ask this fella why would Leupold warranty a scope made by someone else
I think he's pullin' your leg and your chain.
Thanks for the welcome, Jay.
I know Leica made scopes, assembled by Leupold, and I think, the glass was Zeiss.
I think I'll pass on this deal, and get anougher Nikon Tactical or Zeiss, maybe Nightforce....sakofan.....
Jay, Ive got a 300RUM Sendero, semi custom, that I thought of maybe using strickly as a bench rifle, since it is so accurate.
I use it for hunting now.
I dont know, Jay, I maybe need to leave the Sendero alone, and get a new "project gun"
for strickly bench shooting...I was just approached yesterday by this cat, and it started me thinking...I have a fascination for the obscure...like a Leica scope....sakofan...
Sakofan you could always buy the A-bolt setup check out the scope and sell the rifle to help fund your project. If the scope works out then you win.
Texas...thats a real good idea.
I think the Brownie is a 7mm/08, one of my faves...
This guy is a real high roller, so Im quite sure its in great shape....sakofan..
Sakofan you might find out that the A-bolt is a nice gun. My wife bought me one with a lupy 3-9 for my 20th anniversary. I wanted a larger caliber but she bought me a 30-06 decided to keep it because it was the first gun she ever bought me.
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